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KitchenHappy (USA)

What if there were a utensil that fit comfortably in one hand that would grab a full serving of, say, salad from a buffet and place it safely onto a plate held in the other hand? What would it look like? Most important, would it work? Jack Elder, president and chief designer of Multiject, fielded those questions in 2006 from the president of Misto, the maker of an olive oil sprayer.

In 2007 the Snapi was ready to meet the public and was introduced to gift shops that focused carried kitchen products.  This made for a good match and sparked initial sales. In 2010, Jack enlisted the help of his brother Mark Elder, president of KitchenHappy, to market the Snapi to a broader audience.

American-made, the Snapi not only allows for single-handed serving of salad, but also chips, pasta, fruit, cut vegetables, ice . . . like the country it’s made in, ideas for its use are endless.

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