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Stirio 2 - automatic stirrer

Stirio 2 - automatic stirrer
  • Stirio 2 - automatic stirrer
  • Stirio 2 - automatic stirrer
  • Stirio 2 - automatic stirrer
  • Stirio 2 - automatic stirrer
Brand: Kitchen+Innovation (Norway)
Product Code: 27-325
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We are happy to sell new, and improved Stirio 2. The new Stirio has a better construction, a more silent motor, and it's even easier to use. The Stirio 2 also features a smart new blade that adjusts to your pot, so you only need one blade. The blade is gentle on the pot and can be used on non-stick surfaces. No need to go “stir-crazy” while stirring your food, let Stirio do the job!

How does Stirio work? Stirio clamps onto your pot and will stir any food; for example porridge, risotto, or stew, while you can put your feet up and enjoy a glass of wine, or set the table. Stirio has a strong rechargeable motor that will give you at least 1 hour of stirring before it needs to be recharged. Stirio will fit pots that are 15-25 cm wide, and 7,5-18 cm tall. It can easily be taken apart for cleaning in the dishwasher (except the motor of course).

The blade is made of glass-filled nylon and can tolerate temperatures up to 260⁰C or 500 F. Do not use in an empty pot, and use with care on gas ovens. Stirio's power adapter accepts 110-240 V and comes with a continental European power plug.




Kitchen+Innovation brand has been created to help you overcome all the obstacles in the kitchen by introducing incredibly functional and smart products. They believe in developing products where great functionality combined with a fabulous appearance will make you the master of your kitchen.