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Dreamfarm Spoon "Supoon", violet

Dreamfarm Spoon "Supoon", violet
  • Dreamfarm Spoon "Supoon", violet
  • Dreamfarm Spoon "Supoon", violet
  • Dreamfarm Spoon "Supoon", violet
  • Dreamfarm Spoon "Supoon", violet
Brand: Dreamfarm (Australia)
Product Code: DFSU2638V
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Why use ordinary spoons to prepare food if you can use new and improved Supoon? It is both practical and well designed. Perfect choice for modern kitchen.

Spoon Supoon has unique bent handle which keeps your tables and counter clean. Spoon tip doesn't touch table surface when put down. No germs in your food, no oily table surfaces. At the end of the handle there is a hole so you can hang Supoon on the rack.

The tip of the spoon is flat, therefore it's perfect for scraping everything from the pan or any other dish. It's made from silicone and is safe to use on non-stick cookware. Perfect for stirring, mixing, scooping and even serving food.

With Supoon you can follow the recipes easily because the tip is graded in 1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon measures.

Supoon is double-colored: black handle and colorful tip. 


Colour purple
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With product names like Smood and Membo, it's clear that Dreamfarm is unlike other kitchen supply companies. Founded in Canberra, Australia in 2003 by then-22-year-old Alexander Gransbury, Dreamfarm is dedicated to creating products that respond to as-yet-unsolved problems. The result is a collection of unique, stunningly clever items, ranging from the Oni – a multi-purpose knife that includes a razor-sharp chef's blade, a spreader and a plastic wrap cutter – to the Scizza – a scissor-like pizza-cutter that combines two ultra-sharp blades with a bottom-blade spatula. The brand’s Clongs, click-lock tongs that have bent stainless steel arms in order to keep countertops clean, won a prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2010.