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XD Design Red Wine Carafe 'Aerato'

XD Design Red Wine Carafe 'Aerato'
  • XD Design Red Wine Carafe 'Aerato'
  • XD Design Red Wine Carafe 'Aerato'
  • XD Design Red Wine Carafe 'Aerato'
  • XD Design Red Wine Carafe 'Aerato'
  • XD Design Red Wine Carafe 'Aerato'
  • XD Design Red Wine Carafe 'Aerato'
Brand: XD design (Netherlands)
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With the Aerato wine decanter, you can take the enjoyment of wine to a whole new level. Unlike ordinary decanters, where the decanting merely allows the wine to breathe, the special sealing system of the designer decanter from XD Design ensures that the aroma does not escape and develops its full bouquet while sealed inside.

As soon as you pour the wine into Aerato from XD Design, you will immediately see that this decanter is somewhat different. A small funnel is attached below the carafe opening that allows the wine to circulate and breathe even when filling the carafe. This means that you can enjoy the wine directly without have to wait, as it is already perfectly aired. The opening can then be sealed using a bamboo lid in order to allow the aroma to develop to its fullest without escaping from the carafe.

The clever sealing solution used in the Aerato wine decanter provides for an intensely pleasurable wine-drinking experience while at the same time offering a truly eye-catching set piece for any table. Aerato from XD Design won a Red Dot Award in 2014 in recognition of its innovative nature.

Dimensions 0x0x18,9cm


XD Design brand was founded in 2007 by company Xindao. It is well known name in the field of design gift articles, established in 1986. XD Design’s mission is to deliver functional, quality and responsible gifts, which create value for the giver and appreciation from the receiver. The collection of XD Design exists out of 100% own designed products. Behind the excellence of XD Design stands a talented team of designers, who have great insight in making an everyday product unique. Their design studio is located in Shanghai, which gives the designers the opportunity to carefully monitor the creation of their products from beginning to end. They are in direct contact with our suppliers & factories. XD Design brand each year wins plenty global design awards. All the production made by this brand is not only practical but also are worth a design leader name.