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Vacu vin PET Bottle Handle

Vacu vin PET Bottle Handle
Brand: Vacu Vin (Netherlands)
Product Code: 1856760
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Do you buy drinks that are stored in plastic bottles? We present you a little helper for PET bottles.

VacuVin PET bottle grip is useful for pouring the drinks. This handle makes it much easier because the bottle doesn't slip out of your hands. No more squeezing soft plastic bottles.

Very compact and lightweight. Adjustable for different size bottles from 0.5 to 2 liters capacity. 

Colour blue
Material Plastic


Vacu Vin is an international manufacturer and distributor of innovative food and wine related products for home and professional use, which are characterised by their practical applications in daily circumstances. All products produced and developed by Vacu Vin are distinguished by their originality, as well as their favourable price-to-quality ratio. The uniqueness of the product range is being emphasised by the fact that many products are patented world-wide to avoid imitation by other companies. The production and assembly is mainly based in the Netherlands and takes place under ISO-standards, which assures all Vacu Vin`s customers of high quality products.