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Lekue Ice Cube, blue

Lekue Ice Cube, blue
  • Lekue Ice Cube, blue
  • Lekue Ice Cube, blue
  • Lekue Ice Cube, blue
  • Lekue Ice Cube, blue
  • Lekue Ice Cube, blue
Brand: Lékué (Spain)
Product Code: LEK0250500Z10
Availability: In Stock
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Ice Cube from Lékué. Ice Cube is shaped in a way so you can create perfect-shaped square ice cubes and put a lot of different ingredients in order to get extra flavor in your drinks. You can, for example, decorate with mint leaves,strawberries or kiwi. A recipe booklet is included.

Colour blue
Dimensions 21.8 x 19.8 x 4.5 cm (Standard)
Capacity 250ml
Material Plastic (BPA free)


Lékué is fun and practical; it’s design and functionality. Lékué products have revolutionised kitchens around the world, making them spaces for new food experiences and unique sensations. Blending flavours and textures; making recipes and trying them, all of this helps children and adults discover the pleasures of cooking at home. For Lékué, the traditional kitchen is a unique kitchen where new techniques can be incorporated to make our recipes easier, where new ideas are created that transform our daily menus and where everyone discovers how to create unique dishes in which shapes and colours seduce the most demanding palates.