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KeepCup Sunlight Sustainable Cup

KeepCup Sunlight Sustainable Cup
  • KeepCup Sunlight Sustainable Cup
  • KeepCup Sunlight Sustainable Cup
Brand: Keepcup (Australia)
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KeepCup – due to its unique design the cup can be used with professional coffee machines, making it the first Barista friendly cup. Say “No!” to disposable cups in cafes and express yourself by choosing a stylish KeepCup. Colorful and comfortable KeepCup will lift your spirits every morning. Bring the cup to your favorite coffee shop and ask them to replace the proposed paper cup with your KeepCup. It was specifically designed to fit the insert used in the most coffee machines. This eye-catching cup will not only show your love for nature, but also, will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Do you have a favorite drink? Silicone tape on the cup was designed so you can mark your drink with any marker so that the barista would know what you want just by looking at the KeepCup. You can also mark your cup for sugar, cream and etc.The same silicone tape will protect your hands from the heat. On the cup,  you will find a lid to close the oral opening, when needed. It will prevent the drink from spilling (e.g. while driving). KeepCup retains heat up to 30 minutes longer, compared to disposable substitutes.

Note: KeepCup cup has a hole on the top of the lid latch so that the air can enter when having a drink. Thus, turning it upside down is not recommended as it may result in leaking.KeepCup cups are suitable for dishwasher, microwave, as well as hot and cold beverages. It is lightweight, unbreakable and easy to carry. Most importantly - environmentally friendly! Small deeds create significant changes. By opting out of paper cups, KeepCup owners already saved 50,000 trees from cut down. 32 cups, that’s how many plastic cups could be made out of one KeepCup, thus it remarkably durable and sustainable. The packaging is made from recycled cardboard, printed with vegetable-based inks.

Capacity 340 ml


"Better than better!" This is how Australian manufacturer of KeepCup describes its brand. When they started their business with sandwiches, salads and coffee, they looked for an alternative to disposable cups. And after findinf nothing that would satisfy their need, they created one themselves. In 2009, the first KeepCup mugs were produced and they were immediately recognized. Over time, these mugs have been nominated and won in the categories for the best design, innovation and environmental friendliness. Love of coffee, concern about nature and appreciation for good design characterizes people who buy this Australian-designed mug.